Introducing RUUKLOST

This is another game I am working on. RUUKLOST is an attempt to replicate (and an homage to) NES-era platformers. As a spirit warrior of RUUKLOST, you travel through hostile wilderness and ancient ruins to collect the essence of your fallen brethren. The world will require thorough exploration and many areas remain inaccessible until you possess the appropriate abilities.

I am stalling at the moment since I lack sprites. I am not much of a pixel artist myself and it takes a lot of time to draw. If you feel like being lead artist and monster designer, let me know.

Current status:

  • Engine: Using the Allegro library so it is very portable. It already runs on Linux and Windows. Graphics are really 300×200 and scaled up to the window size (or fullscreen) the player prefers. Levels are tile-based and the backgrounds have parallax scrolling (one layer). It is designed for a gamepad but also works with a keyboard. Infrastructure is mostly in place but I have done little monster programming and quest scripting so far.
  • Level editor: Built into the engine, to build and playtest at the same time. Not very polished but almost complete and gets the job done.
  • Level design: About 10% done.
  • Grapics: I have about 1/3 of the tiles I think I need. I have player sprites and a few monsters but most are rather crude. Backgrounds are needed. Title screen and font done.
  • Music & sound: Not even started.

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