Destructible terrain

I will be releasing TSL 0.39 for the 2012 “annual roguelike release party” around September 15-16th (probably the first time I’ve announced a release in advance).

It will have some (attempts at) critical bugfixes, such as the 64-bit save/load and display bugs.

The new “do what I mean” inventory system is mostly complete and I have converted several other subsystems to use the same menu framework. It’s not polished yet but a uniform menu system will make things easier to navigate and future improvements will benefit all menus at once. Ideally every screen where you browse or select something will use a similar layout and control scheme.

I have improved the damage system for weapons. Using an unidentified weapon partially uncovers its damage sequence and completing the sequence will fully identify the weapon. All that is missing now are the finishing moves that also will trigger when you complete a sequence, but these will take a little while longer.

I have also made an attempt at destructible terrain and it’s working quite well. Explosions (from grenades and fireballs) will destroy doors and “weak” walls (those that have open areas on two opposing sides, north/south or west/east). I have wanted this ever since the earliest days of TSL, but I have not figured out how it should work until now (turned out to be trivial).

There is not much point yet in blowing up doors, but if I add locked doors some day (without enough keys), there might be. So, how about a wand a digging?


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