Doors and keys

I have added locked doors to TSL.

They have their own tile type, in addition to the open, closed and secret doors that already exist. A random number of doors on each level will start out as locked.

There is a new “key” item that will unlock a door. Keys are expendable (one use only), stackable (“5 keys”) and any key will open any door. You can select them from the inventory screen or just bump into a locked door; if you have any keys you will be prompted to use them.

If you do not have any or choose not to use them, you will instead be prompted if you wish to break the door. This has a random chance of success and something bad should happen each time you fail (making noise, taking damage, or at least being slowed down for a while – details at eleven). Having a crowbar with you should also be helpful, but I haven’t decided exactly how.

If you can’t get a door open, there are also the option to teleport past or blow it up with explosives.


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