TSL 0.39 released

As usual, you can get it at the TSL homepage.

Changelog follows below.

* New menu system, inventory overhaul
* In-game options menu at ‘=’ (but it doesn’t save yet)
* Ability mapping, bestiary and the augmentation/facet screen also uses the new menu
* Ability shortcuts have fixed positions on screen
* Ammo is grouped in the inventory with their corresponding weapon
* You can partially id weapon damage sequences by using them
* Completing a damage sequences identifies the weapon
* Completing a damage sequence rewinds to the start without initial waiting
* Locked doors and keys
* Safe teleport option will prompt when you attempt obviously dangerous teleports
* Artifact auto-identification more interesting
* Crown of Thorns wounds you when you put it on
* Axe of Trollish Bloodlust
* Apply command is back
* You can assign powers when shapeshifted
* Bad book messages have different pacing and escaped monsters are sometimes in theme with the book
* Bugfix: Damage sequence no longer reset by save/load
* Bugfix: Save/load (64-bit)
* Bugfix: Map recenter (64-bit)
* Bugfix: Unequipping weapons now resets sequence properly
* Bugfix: EP regeneration
* Bugfix: Identify message used wrong article
* Bugfix: Flame hands expire message
* Bugfix: Suppressed equip messages for non-players
* Bugfix: Proper article for iron-shod staff
* Bugfix: The path to ascension can now be reached when floating
* Bugfix: Third person messages when weapons break


One Response to “TSL 0.39 released”

  1. nooodl Says:

    Hi I made a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNK34CP6RvI

    This game is wonderful!!

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